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Get BSCI Certificate

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Author : Kira Ye
Update time : 2023-08-30 15:04:00
Congratulations  to  Zigxico  on  obtaining  the  BSCI  certificate

This  is  a  significant  milestone  achievement, marking  another  solid  step  taken  by  your  company  in  the  journey  of  social  responsibility  and  sustainable  development.The  BSCI  (Business  Social  Compliance  Initiative)  is  a  global  initiative  aimed  at  ensuring  social  and  environmental  responsibility  standards  in  the  supply  chain.
Earning  the  BSCI  certificate  signifies  that  your  company  has  passed  the  strict  audit  of  this  initiative,demonstrating  its  commitment  to  respecting  employee  rights,prioritizing  environmental  protection,and  implementing  effective  management  systems  during  the  production  process.This  accomplishment  is  a  testament  to  the  collective  efforts  of  Zigxico's  entire  team  and  seamless  collaboration  with  partners.

Here's  hoping  that  Zigxico will  continue  to  uphold  the  principles  of  social  responsibility  and  sustainability,create  a  better  working  environment  for  employees,contribute  to  environmental  protection,and  provide  superior  products  and  services  to  customers  worldwide.

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